About US

Our Story

We are the Kocureks and we are Hound Song Brewing Co.

More than the beauty in the hound’s bay echoing through the woods, the Hound Song conjures the feeling of being in the country and being home. It’s relaxing on the front porch after a hard day’s work and watching the kiddos play in the yard. It’s the smell of fresh kolaches being pulled from the oven.

The beauty of the Hound Song can bring us back to a place where we seemed to have more time for the important things in life: family, community, and good conversation.

Our beer does just the same. In spite of all its nuance and complexity, it’s remarkably simple. It’s easy drinking, and best enjoyed while relaxing together with family and friends. Our brewery aims to create a gathering place for beer drinkers of all kinds, while bringing us all closer to the things we love so much as Texans. From the friendliness in a smile and a handshake, to the beauty of a Texas sunset, the Hound Song takes us back to a simpler place and time.

Our beer is crafted in the heart of Columbus, Texas, by brewmaster Travis. We hope you enjoy your visit!


Raven, Travis, Remi and Barley