Our Beers

Traditional Styles, Crafted With Excellence.

Flagship Beers

These core beers are offered year-round in our taproom!

Burnin’ Daylight American Light Lager 

ABV- 4.2%

For the “beer drinkers” out there, this one’s for you. Our version of a pale light lager, you can take this beer fishing, lawn mowing, and porch swinging. It makes an excellent companion to any activity with its low alcohol and balanced flavor profile. Say “hello” to your new favorite beer.

Haygrazer German Kölsch

ABV- 5.0%

This classic German ale is held sacred in its native Cologne, Germany. It showcases a soft German malt character, with just enough bright hop flavor to balance everything out. As light and refreshing as this beer is, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more than one!

Rough String German Altbier

ABV- 5.0%

A true “Old World” classic, Altbier can be found throughout the Altstadt (Old Town) section of Düsseldorf, Germany. While modest in alcohol, this beer boasts a clean, yet rich malt character, balanced out by an assertive noble hop bitterness. We recommend enjoying this beer while wearing your favorite pair of Lederhosen.

Double Backbone Czech Dark Lager

ABV- 5.0%

If you grew up on your babička’s fresh baked kolaches and klobasnik, this is the pivo for you. This classic style has been enjoyed since at least the 15th century in the modern-day Czech Republic, where folklore dictates that it’s best brewed at night to get the darkness into the beer. Its roasty-malt character and light body will get your foot tappin’ and make you swear your heard a Polka tune in the air!

High Cotton IPA India Pale Ale

ABV- 6.0%

You’re on cloud nine and walking in high cotton with this soft, yet rich and boisterous IPA. Celebrating the beautiful flavors and aromas in many modern hop varieties, this beer will challenge the notion that beer tastes like “beer.” Feel free to sniff, sip, and sniff some more. Your friends will only think you’re weird until they try it for themselves!

Also, look out for our rotating small-batch and seasonal beer selections, which change throughout the year. 

We always stick to our philosophy that beer should be well-balanced, drinkable, and best enjoyed together with family and friends, so you’re sure to find something different to enjoy each time you visit!